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"Confetti Skin, Beauty Within" is our blog about ichthyosis and its effect on our lives. Rachel and our three boys are affected with the form of ichthyosis called "icthyosis en confetti, type 2".

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Here's our summary of our best and most important posts of 2012.

Rachel’s Isotretinoin Log: Month 4

I’m starting my fourth month on isotretinoin (also known as Accutane and other names) and I’ve run into a bit of logistical problems. Thanks to a combination of expiring prescriptions and me leaving the refilled prescription at home before I left for the week, over the past two weeks I only took the medicine on […]

Isotretinoin is NOT for Children

Last week, Rachel wrote about the warning labels on the brand of isotretinoin (also known as Accutane and other names) that she’s been taking for the past three months, along with Monkey’s interesting interpretation of what one of the warning graphics meant.

Both Cookie (age 11) and Monkey (age 8) have noticed the improvement in […]

Isotretinoin Packaging: It’s Not For Who?

Monkey, now eight years old, saw my packet of isotretinoin pills (also known as Accutane and other names) on the kitchen counter this weekend. He asked Jennifer, “Momma, what’s that?”

“Well, honey, take a look at the picture. What do you think it’s telling you?”

He scrunched and wrinkled his face as he thought about […]

Rachel’s Isotretinoin Log: Month 2

I’ve been on isotretinoin (also known as Accutane and other names) since the end of October, so I’ve now had a little under two and a half months of experience on the medicine. And during our brief blog hiatus, several of our readers and friends wrote in to ask me how I was doing.

For […]

The Isotretinoin Grind (Rachel’s Isotretinion Log: Week 4)

Jennifer’s busy dealing with sick children, so now’s as good a time as any for another update on how I’ve been doing on isotretinoin (also known as Accutane and other names).

It seems that my hands are pretty much in a steady state. As I wrote last week, I’m now able to open my hands […]

Isotretinoin and Wedding Rings (Rachel’s Isotretinion Log: Week 3)

I’ve been on isotretinoin (also known as Accutane and other names) for three weeks now, and I’m amazed at how quickly I’ve seen results.

But isotretinoin almost made me lose my wedding ring! About a week after starting on the medicine, I had full range-of-motion in my hands and was able to my fingers open […]

Rachel’s isotretinoin log: Week 1

I feel kind of miserable right now, but I’m not entirely how much I should be blaming isotretinoin, also known as Accutane and other names.

I’ve been taking 40 mg/day (0.6 mg/kg/day) since last Monday night, so it’s been one week since I’ve been on the drug.

My skin is starting to peel. My face […]

Thoughts on Starting Isotretinoin

On Monday, I visited my local dermatologist for the second time in a month, and received a prescription for a a low dose of isotretinoin (also known as Accutane and other names), an oral retinoid.

It’s taken me slightly over a year-and-a-half to get to this point. Way back when I gave him a bunch […]

Retinoids: What are they?

Retinoids. You’ve heard of them, and maybe been prescribed them. You may have heard that some people say they are a wonder drug that made their ichthyosis go away, but others say scary, scary things about them.

We’ve previously written about sorting out the names of different retinoids and discussed how much one retinoid costs […]

Retinoids and Ichthyosis: A simple explanation for my 10-year-old

We’ve been meaning to start a series of posts about retinoids, but life and summer vacations and travel some family emergencies and even blog emergencies have gotten in the way of our publication schedule. But since back-to-school season is now underway, perhaps now is a good time to re-launch our discussion about retinoids.