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"Confetti Skin, Beauty Within" is our blog about ichthyosis and its effect on our lives. Rachel and our three boys are affected with the form of ichthyosis called "icthyosis en confetti, type 2".

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Here's our summary of our best and most important posts of 2012.

Triangle Skinsational Sip in Raleigh and a bit of FIRST history

Last weekend, I attended the “Triangle Skinsational Sip”, a social event and fundraiser for FIRST, the Foundation for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Types, in Raleigh, North Carolina. The fundraiser was hosted by the Clemmer and Hedley families. The Hedleys’ teenage son is affected with KID Syndrome, and Ellen Clemmer and two of her three brothers [...]

Ichthyosis in History: Leprosy in the Bible

We’ve always been curious about ichthyosis in history, and researching that topic has been one of my ongoing projects. Yeah, I know, I’m a bit of a nerd that way, but if I wasn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?

I started off my search in thinking about the story of Jesus healing the [...]

Ichthyosis in History: Medieval French Kings and Sherlock Holmes

About a month ago, I started writing here about my exploration of ichthyosis throughout history, with a discussion about the description of ichthyosis in some 19th-century textbooks. But while doing other research I’ve found many other mentions of ichthyosis outside of old dermatology texts, including, believe it or not, in Wagner’s operas and in one [...]

Ichthyosis in History: Victorian Medicine

In my ongoing quest for ichthyosis in history, I came across old dermatology texts from 1874 and 1895, co-written by Doctors Ferdinand Hebra and Moriz Kaposi. (Today, Kaposi might be best-known for first describing a type of skin cancer modern medicine calls “Kaposi’s sarcoma”.) These old texts were really fascinating to me, in a rubbernecking, [...]