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"Confetti Skin, Beauty Within" is our blog about ichthyosis and its effect on our lives. Rachel and our three boys are affected with the form of ichthyosis called "icthyosis en confetti, type 2".

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Playground Trauma

So…. we are eight weeks into school. Three of my kids have teachers new to both the school and the district, so we had to go through the whole spiel back on Meet the Teacher night. The oldest one is finally at the point where he can more or less advocate for himself, especially with his veteran teacher of 18 years. Momo has Monkey’s same kindergarten teacher, so she knows the drill from 2 years ago. It has really only been interesting with Monkey’s teacher, who is fresh out of college.

I have yet to have a week without at least one call from the school nurse. Cookie is still having abdominal issues, which has resulted in a weekly call.  Momo’s great start to kindergarten derailed about a week in when we discovered that he was afraid to use the classroom bathroom because he couldn’t manage the door handle.  I was confused about why he had to go so badly when I picked him up every day. One day, he didn’t make it. When I brought in clean clothes, he explained his problem with the door handle, and that he tried to wait until he got home instead of asking for help. Kitty did…something…to her toe last week and was hobbling around like it was broken. I have no clue what that was about. It seems to have cleared up after a few days. Monkey has had a great year up until this week.

Monday, I was out at the grocery store, and my phone rang. It was the school nurse. At this point, the question is never, “oh no! what happened?” but instead, “which one is it this time?” which always gets a laugh from nurse. It was Monkey. He was up on the bouncy bridge on the jungle gym and another kid jumped on it, knocking him off balance. He used his arm to catch his fall and had a hand, wrist and elbow injury. She wrapped him up and sent him back to class, but she just called to let me know.

That night, I went to change the bandage. The elbow injury was still bothering him and he didn’t want me to touch it yet, but the wrappings on his hand and wrist were coming undone. The nurse had not used the non-stick pad on one of them, and there, the bandage was embedded into the injury, where the skin had already grown back. I ended up taking off the wrist bandage and decided not to fight with the one stuck to the back of his hand until the morning’s shower. Even the elbow injury turned out to be shallow and had healed enough to not need rebandaged by the morning.
Tuesday started off great. I had to do some PTA stuff at the school, so I told Monkey that I would have lunch with him before heading into the office. By noon, all was quiet. We ate, I went to the office, and he went with his class to recess. I ran some stuff down to a classroom and came back right behind a group of 5 kids and one of the teacher aides from Monkey’s class. As I saw the group go into the nurse’s office, I realized that Monkey was in the center of the group. He was bleeding and whimpering, covered in grass.

This time, he had tripped over the wooden railroad tie at the edge of the playground. He landed on the same arm as before, doubling the size of the older injury, plus he took out his knee and the back of his hand (again!). Poor kid! We got him cleaned up and bandaged. There was much caterwauling and flailing about. He was bright pink from all his yelling, limping from his knee, and not at all interested in going back to class. He ended up helping me with the copy machine for the rest of the school day.

We managed to get through Wednesday without another fall, but I ran into his teacher at the end of the day. She was rather concerned about his injuries and told me that she had no idea that it could happen so fast. She seemed a bit surprised when I just said, “He’ll be okay. This is our world.”

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