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"Confetti Skin, Beauty Within" is our blog about ichthyosis and its effect on our lives. Rachel and our three boys are affected with the form of ichthyosis called "icthyosis en confetti, type 2".

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Jennifer’s “Lesson in Basic Genetics” at Mahwah, NJ

When she attended the FIRST regional conference in Mahwah, NJ last weekend, Jennifer chatted with FIRST’s Communications Director, Maureen Neville, about basic genetics. Maureen blogged about that conversation and Jennifer’s illustration is now on Youtube. Take a look!

There are some additional great tidbits from the Mahwah conference (including product suggestions from the audience) in today’s blog post from FIRST. Take a look.

And if you’re just joining us and are interested in this subject, we have several other posts on ichthyosis and genetics.

FIRST has also published a booklet, “Ichthyosis: The Genetics of its Inheritance“. You can access the entire publication online. There’s also a Spanish-language version available online. (You might need to register with FIRST to access these brochures; registration is free.)

In other news from FIRST, in case you missed it, FIRST has posted some additional pictures from last month’s testimonial dinner in Milwaukee to honor Dr. Amy Paller. How many MSAB members do you recognize? (Last week, Jennifer wrote about her impressions of the testimonial dinner.)
This is a series of posts on genetics. More information is available in the following links:
Genetics 1: What’s a Gene?
Genetics 2: Recessive Inheritance
Genetics 3: X-Linked Inheritance (X-linked Ichthyosis)

Genetics 4: X-Linked Inheritance (CHILD Syndrome)
Genetics 5: Dominant Inheritance
Genetics 6: Mosaicism
Genetics 7: Video explanation of how mutations work
<–You Are Here
Genetics 8: Why we don’t do automatic prenatal screening for ichthyosis

1 comment to Jennifer’s “Lesson in Basic Genetics” at Mahwah, NJ

  • James B

    I was diagnosed with this when I was a child. My wife recently 2015 brought home a lotion/cream made by Gold Bond.
    (It is Gold Bond for rough and bumpy skin.) I get it at Target or Walgreens pharmacy.

    All I can say is it’s the best lotion I have ever used.
    I have tried several prescription lotions and many other over the counter creams as well.

    I apply it after a shower. It goes on very silky, and does not feel oily. In fact I realy don’t feel it on my skin at all. However, when I shower again, you can feel the lotion is still on your skin and working. It only took about three days before I noticed signIficant difference. It’s amazing, and not expensive!

    All I can say is, try it and post your results. I’m 55 and this is my contribution. I hope it works as well for you as it did for me.

    Thank you.

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