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"Confetti Skin, Beauty Within" is our blog about ichthyosis and its effect on our lives. Rachel and our three boys are affected with the form of ichthyosis called "icthyosis en confetti, type 2".

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It’s a series of tubes!

I’m hunkering down from Hurricane Sandy here. Not much to do, really. There was a discussion on Facebook earlier about whether folks with ichthyosis needed any special storm preparations.

I thought the question was a bit silly, myself. I have several months’ worth of cream in the closet. And while I don’t relish the prospect of being without power (and hot water) for a little while, I’m hoping that it’ll all just be a minor inconvenience.

But, in anticipation of not being able to take a long, hot shower tomorrow, I did take a long and thorough shower this afternoon (with lots of scrubbing), and I smeared some Tazorac on my armpits, which were getting a bit scalier than I’m comfortable with.

And as I was doing so, I noticed my series of tubes.

I make “series of tubes” jokes somewhat regularly as part of my job, this time I’m dead serious and literal.

You see, this weekend I returned from a 3-day long business trip, and when I got home I dumped my travel kit on mybathroom counter. And so a few tubes of stuff from my travel kit were still on the counter. And as I put down my tube of Tazorac, I realized that it looked quite a bit similar to some of the other stuff I had. 

I had my usual travel stuff, as you’d expect from my previous post about my usual cream routine: a small travel-size tube of Jergens, toothpaste and eye goop — all of which fit nicely in my freedom baggie when traveling by air.

But this time, I also had out on my counter my tube of Tazorac, a tube of benzocaine (oral numbing cream) and — here’s the kicker — a tube of super glue and a tube of 4% miconazole.

Both of those latter two are ichthyosis-related. Seriously.

The super glue is actually wound-care stuff. When I get a deep crack on my feet, a dab of super glue does help to seal it up.

Back on September 18, I wrote here, “I, personally, can’t ever remember getting a skin infection as an adult, and the boys haven’t had any, either. So in that regard we have been luckier than some of our friends with ichthyosis who struggle with chronic skin infections.”

I should have known better than to flaunt my good luck. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been struggling with a nasty yeast infection in, shall we say, a very sensitive mucous membrane area.

I briefly contemplated the potential schadenfreude y’all would feel if I mixed up my Tazorac with toothpaste or the eye goop. But the real hilarity, I think, would be mixing up with Tazorac with the miconazole. Yeesh. My mind drifted briefly to this scene from the movies (jump to 33 seconds into the video to see what I’m talking about):

So who wants to try to identify each of the tubes in my picture? The super glue (with “SUPER GLUE” printed on both sides of the tube) is pretty easy to figure out, but some of those others…

And on that note, keep safe, everyone. 🙂

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